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Mar 18, 2020

Life is full of emotions. The quality of our lives lies in the quality of our emotions. To create the life we truly want, we need to stop relying on chance and intentionally condition our emotions. We must understand perhaps the most important factor that significantly impacts our emotional life: anchors. Once we see life through the perspective of anchors, we can empower ourselves and, with enough practice and consistency, increase our emotional health.


In this episode, I illustrate the emotional power of anchors and how they impact our emotional life, even if we’re not aware of it. I explain how anchors evolved to serve as a survival mechanism for humans and the steps you can take to intentionally set up anchors and access the emotional state you desire. I also share some “ego states” that I create and access, as well as reveal how I use essential oils, music, and body language to anchor to these states.


“Anchors are an efficiency mechanism. It reminds us how to feel and act in certain situations.” - Nicholas Spohn


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • What anchors are and how they affect our emotions
  • How our actions stem from our emotions
  • The relationship between anchors and the antenna theory
  • Why we evolved to have anchors
  • The reason we’re afraid of public speaking
  • The anchors present in smoking a cigarette
  • How anchors are established in our subconscious
  • How to recondition our pre-existing anchors
  • The best NLP modality to access emotional states
  • How I use essential oils and music to access different ego states
  • What spatial anchoring is and how I use it to sell a product
  • The power of gratitude



Resources Mentioned:


How to Use Anchors to Improve Your Emotional Life 

  1. Be aware of your current emotional state and what triggers it.
  2. Plan what emotional states you want to access.
  3. Be congruent with that emotional state.


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