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Mar 4, 2020

One of the core principles of neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP) is perceptual filters. It is something that profoundly affects everything that we do, from how we see the world and the people around us to the way we respond to situations and how we make decisions. Because it is a subconscious process, very few of us are aware of how it plays in our everyday lives. But understanding perceptual filters, managing them, and leveraging them are crucial keys to personal development and succeeding in life. 

In this episode, I discuss how our perceptual filters create our reality. I illustrate how our subconscious generalizes, deletes, and destroys information as well as explain why our minds do these processes. I describe how our perception can affect the decisions that we make and share some examples to illustrate how our perceptual filters can create biases. I also discuss how you can leverage perceptual filters to connect and create a rapport with another person to shift their focus and beliefs.


“You have to be conscious of the beliefs that are running your life and the beliefs that are creating what and how you’re perceiving.” - Nicholas Spohn


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast: 

  • What perceptual filters are and how it affects our quality of life
  • How our senses limit our perception and why we experience the world differently
  • NLP’s Meta Pattern concept
  • The metaphors we use and how they affect our view of the world
  • The causes of perceptual filters and the benefits of having them
  • How to use rapport to shift another person’s perceptual filters
  • How our emotional state influences our perception of reality


Resources Mentioned:


How to be Conscious of Your Perceptual Filters:

  1. Be present in the moment and do not judge the meanings your mind creates.
  2. Pay attention to the patterns your perception is creating.
  3. Notice the people around you and the stories that they are telling.


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