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Feb 5, 2020

Have you ever thought about how you have so many goals in life but never achieve them in spite of your efforts? Do you sometimes feel like something always prevents you from getting what you desire? There are several factors that affect how you progress towards your life’s goals, but perhaps the state of “congruency” is the most important - yet least talked about - factor. What is congruency and how do you achieve it?


In this episode, I define the meaning of congruency and why you’re not living up to your full potential. I illustrate Mike Mandel’s Triangle and explain how to use congruency to influence people. I describe why women use congruency tests and reveal how you can pass them with flying colors. I also explain how congruency applies to my Antenna Theory and highlight the factors you need to work on to consistently maintain congruence.


“If you’re in a state of total congruence, your goals will just happen. When your words, actions, and thoughts line up towards that higher purpose, everything in life just flows.” - Nicholas Spohn


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast: 

  • How attachment to outcome prevented a real estate investor from building wealth
  • The definition of congruence and how it works with my Antenna Theory
  • The factors that affect a person’s antenna
  • The importance of lifestyle choices in maintaining congruency
  • How the people we choose to spend time with influence our wellbeing
  • How congruency can help a person overcome depression
  • How changing your posture changes your emotional state
  • The relationship between congruence and influence
  • How to use the Mandel Triangle to influence people
  • Why women are more calibrated to use congruency tests
  • How congruency impacts our relationships
  • The power of being in a state of congruence


Resources Mentioned:


How to Maintain Congruency:

  1. Control and take care of the factors that affect your antenna
  2. Remember that your words create your reality
  3. Change your posture to change your emotional state


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