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Mar 11, 2020

Gratitude is one of the most important and fundamental of human experiences. Not only can it make us feel great, it can also set us up for success. But while many of us know that we should be grateful and give thanks for positive circumstances, only a few truly ​​feel it. For gratitude to magnetize the richness and abundance we so desire, it must be felt and cultivated as a habit. There are many ways and techniques we can adopt to anchor ourselves to a state of gratitude and turn it into a way of life.

Today, I discuss gratitude, the law of attraction, and how to supercharge your abilities to create everything that you want in life. I illustrate how we can apply my antenna theory to the law of attraction and gratitude. I discuss how you can use gratitude as a springboard for other emotions and share the steps you can take to feel more grateful. I also share how I used gratitude in my life and how it helped me grow my business, as well as share a reading from the book, The Science ofGetting Rich​ by Wallace Wattles.


“Your successful self and abundant life are all around you right now. You’re just not resonating with it, but you can change it through gratitude.” - Nicholas Spohn


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • Applying gratitude and the law of attraction to my antenna theory
  • How our perceptual filters block us from attracting abundance
  • Anchoring on gratitude to change your mood and access other emotions
  • The power of setting the intention to experience more gratitude in life
  • How practicing gratitude helped grow my real estate business
  • Why fear and gratitude can’t occur at the same time
  • The five modalities in neuro-linguistic programming
  • How to be more grateful using the five modalities and emotional conditioning


Resources Mentioned:


How to Anchor to Gratitude to Attract Abundance and Success

  1. Set an intention to be more grateful.
  2. Focus your modalities to the present moment.
  3. Make someone else feel appreciated.


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