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Feb 17, 2020

Allison H. Larsen is a speaker, Reiki master, and founder of The Speakers Coalition, a network of professional speakers. Allison shares her knowledge and expertise on accessing our intuition through her book, Soul Intuition: the Sacred Practice of Connecting To Your God-Given Spiritual Gifts, and her podcast, Spotlight: The Allison H. Larsen Show. A leading intuition expert, mentor, and life coach, Allison has received several accolades such as the Mentor of the Year award, given by Icon Builder Media in 2016.

Allison joins me today to discuss how we can tap into our intuition to achieve our goals. She illustrates how she became aware of her own intuition and how it led her to establish the Speakers Coalition. She shares some of the steps and exercises we can do to develop our intuition and highlights the power of setting intentions. She also explains we can grow through overcoming resistance and challenges.


“Intention fuels intuition. That direction can’t come if we don’t know what we want our outcome to be.” - Allison H. Larsen


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • How Allison transitioned from full-time mom and part-time entrepreneur to international speaker and mentor
  • Allison’s first experiences with tapping into her intuition
  • What inspired Allison to start the Speakers Coalition for intuitive people
  • The importance of being intentional about tapping into our intuition
  • How setting daily intentions can impact our lives
  • The relationship of setting intentions and asking the right questions
  • How Allison’s client became a motivational speaker by tapping into her intuition
  • The Antenna Theory and how we can influence events through our thoughts
  • Allison’s Legendary Inner Circle mastermind seminars and retreats
  • How the people we spend time with affect our lives
  • Why it’s important to be in mastermind environments
  • How we can learn by counsel or consequences


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