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Jan 29, 2020

All the variables that affect our emotional states are directly proportional to our capabilities. We all want to achieve great things in life, but most of us get blown around life like a ship in a storm without a rudder. This is because the variable that stops us, the thing that pulls us down, is something we’re often not aware of—it’s invisible to most of us. How can we recognize this invisible cause of our barriers and shift it to our benefit?

In this episode, I discuss how the internal voices in our minds either sabotage or serve us. I reveal the nature and causes of anxiety and depression as well as explain how you can manage them. I highlight the importance of going out of our comfort zone and illustrate how our physiology responds to the language we use. I also share some practices you can use to shift your internal dialogue as well as reveal how the words that we use create our reality.


“A simple shift of language will change your internal state and capabilities. That’s the power of words: what we speak, we create.” - Nicholas Spohn


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • How our invisible, internal voice creates self-sabotage and barriers
  • How our beliefs express themselves in our physiology and health
  • The nature of our internal voices and saboteurs
  • The antenna theory and how to tune in to more constructive channels
  • How our body responds to the words we repeat to ourselves
  • The causes of anxiety and depression
  • The importance of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone
  • The steps to change our internal dialogue
  • The power of meditation in taking control of our inner voices
  • The reason you shouldn’t judge your own thoughts
  • Why I talk to my unconscious mind like it’s a real person
  • The impact of incantations and affirmations and how to use them for self-empowerment
  • How trapped emotions affect us


How to Control Your Internal Dialogue:

  1. Change other variables that could affect your thoughts
  2. Make affirmations, go into silence, and meditate
  3. Observe your thoughts but do not judge them
  4. Get your trapped emotions out


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