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Jan 27, 2020

Kim O'Neill is an author, speaker, and Houston’s leading psychic and expert on angel and spirit communication. For over three decades, Kim has been helping people around the world access their innate intuition through her keynote addresses, online classes, and books such as The Way of Knowingness and The Calling: My Journey with the Angels. Kim has travelled extensively to share her wisdom through workshops and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and other media outlets.

Kim joins me today to discuss humanity’s innate ability to access their intuition and communicate with their guardian angels. She differentiates intuition and intellect as well as illustrates steps to help us identify which of the two we’re using. She shares exercises and daily routines we can do to help us develop and access our intuition. She also highlights how we can determine what we were born to do and reveals the fears that prevent us from doing them. 


“Intuition is a natural process, ability, and skill all of us have that we can build, develop, and learn to listen to. It allows us to move toward something we’ve been afraid to do.” - Kim O'Neill


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • What it means to be a psychic
  • The difference between intuition and intellect and how to identify their sources
  • The difference between a soul purpose and a life-work
  • How to find our soul’s purpose
  • The two things we are born to do
  • Why we have to earn everything that we have and desire
  • The definition of channelling and how to communicate with our guardian angels
  • The power of keeping a dream journal
  • The different ways angels communicate with us
  • Why not everybody knows what to do with their lives
  • The two types of fear that hinders our growth
  • Why and how we choose our parents before we’re born
  • Daily routines and exercises to help access our intuition and communicate with angels
  • The benefits of learning about our past lives


Connect with Kim O'Neill: 


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