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Jan 22, 2020

One of the many powers and attributes of God is that He can speak of something into existence. That’s how He created the universe as we know it: he called for light, and there was light. We don’t think about it but, as humans created in the image of God, we can also tap into this power and create our reality. We have the ability to overcome our circumstances and manifest abundance in our lives. But we’re only humans—how can we access these powers?


Today, I discuss the principles, powers, and responsibilities that come with being created in the image of God. I reveal the power of language to heal and change the circumstances we are in. I describe how visualization and focus can help us manifest abundance. I explain how you can use words of affirmation to achieve your goals. I also define the Antenna Theory and highlight the importance of setting intentions in our lives.


“The ability to create is your birth right. You can bring abundance through language, focus, and visualization. That’s the power of being created in the image of God.” - Nicholas Spohn


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • The lessons I learned from my Catholic upbringing
  • The principle of photon entanglement and the expansion of the universe
  • Rapport as the universal principle that binds all matter
  • Our greenlight lifestyle and how we influence all matter in the universe
  • The power of language to heal, manifest, and create
  • Why we’re not in the mercy of our emotions
  • How to use language to overcome our challenges
  • Why the word ‘try’ implies failure
  • How visualization can develop your potential to create and manifest
  • The impact of focus on our reality, healing, and health
  • Using words of affirmation to manifest abundance
  • The importance of setting intentions in our lives
  • The definition of the Antenna Theory
  • How to manifest and attract abundance using Hypnotic Influence


Resources mentioned:


How to Manifest Abundance in Your Life: 

  1. Build rapport to resonate with what you want in life
  2. Have faith that you can attract the things you desire
  3. Change your thought patterns from a place of lack to that of abundance



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