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Sep 13, 2019

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, I speak with the powerful, passionate, and spirited Tim Rhode. This courageous and diligent man went from grocery store clerk with 2 kids at 25 to multimillionaire real estate investor!

Tim tells us how he got started in real estate and how that led him to be one of the founding members of the growing mastermind GoBundance. We learn what inspired him to start 1Life, an organization teaching ‘people of all ages how to connect their passion, purpose, and direction by following a personal road map to master vision-planning, relationships, finances, and wellness.’ 

In this episode we travel everywhere from risk tolerance, trusting yourself, the power of mastermind groups, to the gift of service, getting out of yourself, and as Tim would suggest, 'throwing down the ropes.’ Tim shares how nature has helped his leadership and how to get in a flow state most conducive to the positive vibe he wants to throw out into the world to where people realize they really can do it. 


 In this episode, we learn more about the tribe of millionaires Tim grew with along the way and how he finds true fulfillment beyond money, and more toward his legacy and soul’s purpose. 


You can find more on finding your true fulfillment at, join the DreamitPlanitLiveit community on Facebook, Instagram, and attend the upcoming 1Life conference. Additionally, you can read his new book “Tribe of Millionaires” at, the story of how GoBundance got started and how to be rich in all areas of your life! 


Words from Tim…

"Nature has helped me become the wise, calm leader I need to be"


"I do my best every day and let the chips fall where they may" 


"I choose to live in the eyes of a child"


Here is a link to my free course 30 days of influential language hacks- and more videos at


I hope you enjoy this purposeful and encouraging interview with the one and only, Tim Rhode!