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Nov 25, 2019

After studying with instructors around the globe and across many disciplines, Charles Crenshaw shares his insights from over 4 decades exploring spirituality beyond the mind.

EFT for Meditation, by lifelong meditator and certified EFT practitioner Charles B. Crenshaw, Jr., combines EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping with meditation for the enhancement of both modalities.

Those who meditate know that many obstacles to calming the mind and relaxing the body arise during meditation. EFT can help clear those obstacles by releasing doubts, fears, and emotional disturbances, enabling the meditator to gain the full body-mind-spirit benefits of meditation.

Likewise, meditation facilitates the EFT process by bringing the contents of the unconscious to the surface, exposing the limiting beliefs and disturbing memories that are hindering one’s living to one’s full potential. Identifying such obstacles to full potential is integral to EFT, and meditation can speed the process.

EFT for Meditation has equal value for advanced meditators, beginning meditators, those with advanced EFT skills, and those learning or new to EFT. Hundreds of studies show the healing benefits of meditation and EFT when practiced alone. Combining both produces a powerfully transformative effect.

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Hacking NLP!

95% of our actions are generated in our subconscious mind, but we never learn to program it... Until now! Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about learning to speak the code language of your subconscious supercomputer. This often over-complicated framework has been hacked for you to utilize in all aspects of everyday life. Master the modalities to change your emotions, get control of your "state", wipe away phobias, build rapport and influence anyone. NLP is the foundation of how to create real and lasting change by shifting the programs that run your life! If you are ready to write new subconscious programs in yourself and others, act now!

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