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Mar 2, 2020

Lori Hammond is a Consulting Hypnotist and keynote speaker. Lori had an unhealthy relationship with food and her body as she was growing up and was diagnosed with an eating disorder when she was around 18. She eventually discovered hypnosis and used its techniques to free herself from her unhealthy eating habits. Today, Lori uses hypnosis to teach her clients to quickly let go of addictions and unwanted habits as well as enhance the skills they want to improve to achieve the life of their dreams.

Lori joins me today to discuss how our relationship with our body influences our relationship with food, craving, and weight loss. She illustrates the relationship that people have with food and describes her experiences with following different popular diets. She shares self-hypnosis tools and techniques to help us control our food cravings. She also illustrates the relationship between self-identity and cravings as well as describe how our posture and self-talk can change our eating habits.


“Through learning how to get to a different state, that craving for food goes away without having to use willpower.” - Lori Hammond


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • How self-acceptance and self-love encourage weight loss
  • Lori’s experience with different popular diets and how our body tells us what to eat
  • The “forbidden fruit syndrome” and how avoidance can increase our food craving
  • What happens when we judge ourselves
  • How Lori grew up thinking that self-love was wrong
  • How to strengthen neural pathways and reinforce good habits
  • The relationship between identity, craving, and weight loss and how our body dictates our emotions
  • How changing our posture can influence our food cravings
  • Why mental preparation is as important as meal prep
  • The link between traumatic experiences and weight loss
  • Using behavior change to encourage weight loss


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