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Jun 17, 2019

This week on the #SPOHNTRAINED Podcast, Nick is interviewing his good friend and mentor Sandra! Sandra is an amazing Mom, hypnotist, Reiki Master, Teacher, healer, coach, and so much more.

She has SUCH a fantastic story. She has lived through so much in life - from having multiple brain surgeries to natural childbirth, to cancer, she has experienced it all! Through her health journey, she has been able to heal herself through Traditional Reiki Healing literally. Today, Sandra and Nick unpack the idea of Traditional Japanese Reiki Healing, and how you can add more peace to your own life.

In today’s society, Reiki is often thought of as being a little “woo woo,” but in reality, it is merely using energy centers to heal the body.

Sandra shares with us numerous stories of people who should not have been healed according to western medicine. She has beaten cancer innumerable times, and so shouldn’t even be alive! She is proof that this stuff works.

Ever wanted to know how to get started in your own journey of healing and self-love?? You are going to LOVE today’s podcast!