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Sep 16, 2019

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, former personal development junkie, Rhonda Smith learned to look inside herself for the medicine, for the answers, and for the method. 


Have you ever felt as though you were on this endless quest of trying to find the thing inside of you that finally feels enough?

In this episode, Rhonda and I talk about the importance of redefining what it means to be enough. To come to a place where you know you are enough rather than feeling you are enough. Learn how to sit with being uncomfortable and to become aware of the tendency to chase the highs and resist the discomforts of challenges. To be present to what is imbalanced and to lay in the uncomfortable emotions, to roll around, and allow them to come through without resistance and judgement to what is. 


From plant medicine, psychedelic experiences, paradigm shifts, surrendering, and letting go of what we think is right. Rhonda guides our attention to how she went from a 90 day fast challenge to two and a half years of learning how to use yourself as medicine and how to guide yourself through adversity, stress, and conflict. Exercise the freedom to embody your emotions, to be discerning with your feelings, and to integrate your practices and overflowing knowledge of personal development.

Listen in to hear Rhonda talk about the trajectory of humanity, earth, and consciousness; as well as the regeneration of our planet, creating new technology for the betterment of man, letting go and the balance between the negative and positive life forces. 

Learn more and get a copy of her new book "The Method" about stepping into your wholeness before it comes out on October 1st. Additionally, you can text 'wholeness' to 44222 to gather more about the contents of the book. You can visit her website to join the mission and community!


Words from Rhonda...

"Even classifying something as positive or negative is keeping us in this state of duality, like its not, it’s simply an experience."

"If you just learn to live your way and live your life in ceremony, you’re just constantly integrating, you’re constantly in the state, we don’t need these big sugar high events." 

"My whole life the love I've been wanting I have literally been carrying it around inside."


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I hope you enjoy this special, heart-warming, and mind-expanding interview with THE Rhonda Smith!