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Sep 23, 2019

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, learn how the brilliant young hypnotist, Dan Candell is ridding the world of anxiety with simple strategies and protocols. If anxiety has been plaguing you, it’s time to learn why anxiety is there, the purpose for it and most importantly how to overcome it!

From waking up on a farm and milking 120 cows at age 12, to watching a hypnotist on stage on a camping trip with his dad. Dan Candell, AKA “The Anxiety Relief Guy”, tells his story of anxiety and how he went from struggling in school to helping people manage their stress and anxiety by becoming aware of their feelings, sensations, and emotions through self-directed neuroplasticity and neuro cognitive restructuring. 

Ever think to squeeze your thumb in a pulsing pattern to help you feel more calm due to the primal instinct from when we were an infant? In this episode, learn some of the short term and long term solutions to help rewire your mind into feeling more comfortable in the long term! 


You can find more of this humorous and altruistic hypnotist at!