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Nov 4, 2019

Today I’m speaking with Anthony Jacquin. Anthony’s first contact with hypnosis was via his father. After learning hypnosis himself, and helping others with it, his father told him he felt like he was vested with a special power as if he was wearing an invisible cloak. He suggested that I should try one on too.

Anthony learned the basics and eventually did his first session in 1995 helping someone quit smoking. It was a complete success, they quit easily and effortlessly and from then on Anthony was hooked.

Keen to learn more he sought out the best teachers he could find, got as much practical experience as possible and finally went full time as a hypnotherapist in 2001. Since then Anthony has worked with over 5000 people helping them change their lives and realize their dreams.

Anthony’s interest spread into entertaining with hypnosis and I became a professional performer in 2004. His specialty is mixing close up magic and mind games with hypnosis and he has performed for a wide variety of people, companies, and festivals along with being featured on both BBC Radio and ITV.

Anthony now spends much of his time travelling the world and sharing his ideas about hypnosis and teaching others about this fascinating art.


Anthony says, “Although what I do and teach now is a world away from what I did twenty years ago, the magical feeling that comes from knowing you can use words to change someone's reality, to change someone's life remains. I am as fascinated with hypnosis now as I was after that first session.”


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