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Aug 26, 2019

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, I interviewed Matt Furey, an NCAA wrestling national champion, a world champion martial artist, the author of several books, and Psycho Cybernetic enthusiast! 

In this episode, we learn how the process of psycho cybernetics works and how we can use it to start to shift our self-image and our performance! 

What is Psycho-Cybernetics? As Matt puts it, ‘A means to use your mind and steer your mind to a productive useful goal through having your imagination activated and by doing this, you achieve the greatest goal in the world...Peace of mind.’ 

Matt Furey breaks down the method of using your imagination to change your identity and utilizing relaxation to ramp up creativity, confidence, and engendering overall positive good feeling! 


Ever forget somebody's name or desire to remember people when you first meet them? Want to improve your memory? Matt gives us some great new techniques and exclaims that 'Every single person on earth can have an incredible memory, all you have to do is train it.' 

From using your imagination to create reality, radically altering your self-image through mental picturing and visualization, to martial arts, improving your memory, and more. 

Listen in and learn how to get your subconscious to give you the urges and impulses needed to take the actions to accomplish your goals!


You can find more of Matt Furey at his website, and more on Psycho-Cybernetics at You can also find Matt on Facebook with his Theater of the Mind group. Lastly, you can find him on Instagram @Mattfurysays.