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Dec 9, 2019

Will Horton is one of the world’s leading NLP practitioners and trainers, a licensed psychologist, and certified alcohol and drug counselor. He is the founder of the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming and the creator of several bestselling home study hypnosis and NLP courses. Will is the author of multiple books, including Mind Control: How to Get Others to Do What You Want and Primary Objective: Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Guerrilla Warfare. He has also co-authored several books, including Fat Loss Forever: A 12-Step Approach to Weight Loss. Will has over 30 years of experience in helping clients create positive change and overcome addictions. He regularly presents keynote speeches and workshops at hypnosis conferences, conventions, and business events on topics related to NLP, hypnosis, performance enhancement, and the art of business communications.

Will joins me today to share how he helps clients overcome addictions through hypnosis and NLP. He shares his personal story with alcohol addiction, how he used hypnosis to overcome it, and how it inspired him to help others. We discuss the root causes of substance abuse and how addiction to drugs or alcohol differs from casual, social use. We discuss how your genetic makeup and predispositions impact your ability to easily overcome an addiction. He also shares NLP and hypnosis strategies he uses to help his clients overcome addiction and the role that stress and your emotional state play on the possibility of relapsing.


“Between stimulus and response is a gap. And in that gap is our ability to choose.” - Will Horton


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:


  • What inspired Will to build a career in the hypnosis field
  • How Will used hypnosis to overcome his personal addiction to alcohol
  • How hypnosis training and education has improved and evolved over the last three decades
  • The difference between psychology, hypnosis, and NLP
  • The root causes of addiction
  • Strategies for using NLP and hypnosis to manage or overcome an addiction
  • How genetic predisposition impacts the likelihood of addiction regression
  • The Experiment of Sobriety movement
  • Shifting your perspective to overcome addiction
  • The Visual Squash technique and how he uses it to help people overcome addiction
  • Using the Parts Therapy technique with addiction clients
  • Reframing your mindset about addiction through the words you use to describe yourself and your condition
  • How self-judgment impacts your ability to build rapport and influence yourself
  • How stress and your emotional state influences addiction relapses


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