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Feb 10, 2020

Blair Halver is an entrepreneur, marketing automation expert, and real estate investor. Blair shares his expertise in the world of real estate through his courses and webinars, while his innovations in marketing include Dealbot, an automated lead generation service for real estate investors. Throughout his career, Blair has managed nearly $2-million in marketing spend and has generated more than 100,000 motivated seller leads.


Blair joins me today to discuss his ideas on building a real estate business, learning from others, and modeling a mentor’s success. He explains why it’s important to invest in continuing education and paying for online courses. He describes the best way to negotiate a real estate deal and highlights the power of silence. He also shares his experiences with the fear of failure and success and illustrates how he overcame them to grow his real estate business.


“Fear tells you which way to go. When you jump off the cliff, your parachute won’t go off right away, but it eventually will, and you will soar.” - Blair Halver


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • Blair’s business, webinars, and courses on real estate investing
  • How finding a real estate mentor helped Blair improve his mindset on doing business
  • The importance of getting yourself educated through courses and webinars
  • The “wealth thermostat” and how the first million dollars is always the hardest
  • Using NLP techniques to make real estate deals
  • How our subconscious minds affect the business that we do
  • How fear of failure prevented Blair from building his real estate business and how he worked through those fears
  • The power of stepping out of your comfort zone
  • How Blair helps other people shatter their fear of failure through his real estate courses
  • The Antenna Theory and how it interacts with doing business
  • How Blair uses influencing techniques in his real estate business
  • The “stealing rapport” technique and how to use it to increase your influence
  • The impact of silence and pause when negotiating
  • How your beliefs impact the business decisions that you make
  • Real estate business tips for people who are just getting started


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