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Aug 12, 2019

Today on the #SPOHNTRAINED Personal Development Podcast, I interview Beatrice Chestnut, Enneagram fanatic and author of  The Complete Enneagram. In this episode we dive into the world of Enneagrams, a personality typology of nine types. Why use the Enneagram and what does it do? Not only does this personality test go back thousands of years, but it allows you to discover parts of yourself you had not yet uncovered. Throughout the interview we touch on how the enneagram can help you understand more of your subconscious programs, how it can shed light on some of your blindspots, as well as improving the areas you now have the opportunity to narrow in on with the new insights! 


As Beatrice began working with the nine different types of patterns our personalities can take, she began applying the enneagram to her business and personal consulting company. Now she has started the new enneagram school, “Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy”. 

I asked her what the best online enneagram test was and she suggested the one test she uses for best results is called the IEQ9 and it’s available from Integrative Enneagram Solutions. I took this test and in this episode Beatrice was able to give me a more in depth description on what it means to be a Type 7. 


Out of the 9 different personality types, which one are you? 



“The enneagram especially helps you see what you may not be seeing in the patterned way you do things every day.”


“By highlighting these patterns and showing how each type sees 360° of reality through a narrow slice based on a perceptual lens that’s associated with that coping strategy.”


“Know Thyself”... “Know Thyselves”


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I hope you enjoy this eye-opening and enlightening conversation with Beatrice Chestnut!