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Aug 9, 2019

Today on the #Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast, I am joined by Freddy Jacquin. Freddy is helping millions of people through hypnotism. He is the inventor of The Arrow Technique and has changed the lives of many. Whether it’s pain, fear or a smoking addiction that you are facing, Freddy and his methods can help.


Freddy is incredibly passionate about sharing his techniques with the world. His main mission is to help as many people and change as many lives as he can. During this episode, we dive into Freddy’s work, the power of hypnosis, the different ways in which our brains work so we can better understand ourselves, our thoughts and our emotions to ultimately make changes and mental shifts. Another major topic is imagination and the important role it plays in our lives. Learn more about Freddy and his incredible work during this episode of the #Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast.