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Mar 16, 2020

Paul Ramsay is a Personal Coach, Trainer, and Board-Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He is a two-time graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where he worked as a Residence Hall Director. Paul was also a former educator, and his experience teaching high school English makes him an ideal performer for high school and college audiences. Throughout his 15-year-long career as a full-time hypnotist, Paul has hypnotized over 15,000 people and developed courses to help others learn more about the world of hypnosis. 

Paul joins me today to discuss how to create stronger neural pathways. He explains the process of myelination and illustrates how it can help us develop our skills and talents. He discusses the polyvagal theory and enumerates the three vagal systems and how they occur in our everyday lives. He highlights the importance of deep practice and how we can use it. He also underscores the importance of making connections with other people and reveals the biggest challenge of our age.


“The more you use a neural pathway, the more your brain myelinates it so that brain signals run faster.” - Paul Ramsay


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • Paul’s background and how he became a stage hypnotist
  • What is myelination and how it can help develop skills and talent
  • The relationship between myelination and Hebb’s law
  • Problematic tendencies in the hypnosis community
  • The role of deep practice in myelination
  • The definition of the Polyvagal theory and the three vagal systems
  • The link between stress, trauma, and overeating
  • The importance of connecting with other people
  • How to mentally rehearse using deep practice
  • How meditation can cultivate our brain’s gamma waves


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