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Mar 9, 2020

Matt Larson is an entrepreneur and real estate investor. He is the author of several books and guides, such as the real estate investment e-book, Hidden Houses: The 3 Most Effective Ways to Find Discounted Properties in Any Market, and the online business book, Virtually Unemployed: How to Teach Virtual Assistants to Take Over Your Business So You Can Stop the Hustle. Matt is a sought-after business coach and speaker and has been featured on several podcasts, including Real Estate Disruptors and The Legacy Blueprint Podcast.


Matt joins me today to share his story on how he built a real estate investment business after working at a local machine shop. He illustrates his experiences with financial difficulties and describes how these events led him to the world of self-help and self-improvement. He discusses the challenges that came with starting as a real estate investor and how he overcame them. He also reveals the two kinds of mindsets that either help or hinder people from finding success.


“Don’t get caught up in doing. It’s important to have a good work ethic, but the more you grow, the better you should be at doing less.” - Matt Larson


Today on the #SpohnTrained Personal Development Podcast:

  • How Matt started his career in real estate investing
  • Matt’s childhood experiences with financial difficulties
  • How Matt became engrossed with self-help and self-development
  • Matt’s strategies for achieving his goals
  • The challenges of starting in real estate investing and how Matt overcame them
  • Money beliefs that Matt had to overcome
  • Personal finance books that helped Matt achieve his financial goals
  • How Matt became a teacher for Tony Robbins
  • The two kinds of mindsets that influence a person’s success
  • Why being results-oriented is better than being effort-oriented
  • Routines that help sharpen Matt’s mind
  • How Matt discovered the value of hiring virtual assistants


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